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Inventing a kitchen pantry from an entrance...

When we first visited our cottage I imagined a European Style kitchen created from the small awkward existing kitchen and keeping room that divide the center of the cottage.  In my imagination the space would be accented with furniture pieces to add character; a long narrow rustic work table, an antique French sideboard with a small wall hung cabinet overhead for display storage. Layers, ultimately creating a romantic, versatile working kitchen. 

Above, the first layer is almost complete, the buffet lacks a Carrera marble top.  

At the center of the kitchen and keeping room is the original 1930 cooking fireplace complete with cast iron pot and crane.  The desire to preserve this feature limited our ability to alter the two spaces.  One particular obstacle in our design is storage and how to achieve it, while working within the combined footprint of the space. 

One specific storage concern, the lack of a pantry.  How to create ample food storage space without structural changes was a quan…

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