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Our European Kitchen Design Plan

Our home is very unique for Corsicana, Texas, most homes here are Craftsman, Greek Revival, Victorian or Bungalows, followed by more contemporary new home designs.  Our charming English Cottage is one of a kind.  We believe with that unique property ownership, comes responsibility to curate the cottage without loosing it's historical charm.  Mr. GDC and I tend to embrace the quirky traits of our homes, it's more difficult to problem solve than ripping things out and creating new spaces.  However, we've found embracing quirkiness usually lends to charming, unique spaces.  

Our home was built in 1930 nestled into the back corner of our lot.  Originally built as a guest house with two bedrooms, a bathroom, small living room, also a petite kitchen.  The original owners, the town Postmaster and his wife, planned a larger home to be constructed on the front of our lot.  Somewhere along the way, the owner's plans changed and they chose to add on to the small guest house.

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