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Living Room Vignette

I've been collecting treasures to pair with the print of the girl on the windowsill... she's been with us thirty years, touring about Texas from house to house, making each feel a little more like home -

I wanted to create a collection of items around her to provide balance to the right side of the dining room window.  Upon the left I have the Gazelle canvas, my Aunt's blue and white jar with lid, the clay bust a recent estate sale find, one of our antique candlestick lamps, topped by a petite silver colored sunburst mirror.  The Bombay chest is fairly large, the left side of the dining room window was a bit heavier in items than the right. 

The smaller English chest on the right has a collection of blue and white, the antique candlestick's spouse, along with the girl on the windowsill print.  The vignette needed some additional width, as well as height.  This vignette is directly across from the front door, as you open the door it's the first thing that pulls your…

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