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Happy Birthday America! 
Celebrating America's birthday with a little patriotic décor; flags paired with red and white stripe polyester fabric.  I gathered two flags together, tying the blue star fields of each flag with ribbon, creating a poof, attached those to the gable above the front door canopy, allowing the ends to drape to the corners of the canopy.  I attached the red and white polyester striped fabric at the point on the gable, then wrapped the fabric around the posts, finally tying it at the bottom of each posts.  I finished off the décor by adding a few flags to windows, as well as draping Gnash's barrel.  Simplistic with a big punch of patriotic style - 

Remembering those who gave us our freedom by donning a little red, white and blue in celebration.
 Happy 4th of July!
Until next time, wishing you hot dogs, apple pie and firecrackers - 

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