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A little trip to Natchitoches Louisiana

Mr. GDC and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  With COVID still active we chose to celebrate simply.  We traveled to our cousin's home in Louisiana. Along the trip we stopped in the town of Natchitoches, it had long been a place of fantasy for me. As a small girl our family often traveled during the holiday season to visit our Louisiana family.  Leaving Fort Worth after my Dad arrived home from work, we drove through Natchitoches at night. Each November through December Natchitoches  transforms into a fantasy of childlike wonder with an unbelievable number of lights. Those distant memories called to me, I'd always wanted to see Natchitoches in the daylight - 
Photo Credit Violet Hill
We made a reservation at one of many gorgeous bed and breakfast Violet Hill , a stunning Victorian, nestled upon the banks of the Cane River and dressed in a pale shale of violet.  Pointedly we arrived as darkness fell. We took our coffee upon the deck looking through the darkness …

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