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A Tale of a Sun Room

The Tale of Our Sunroom Evolution 
Life is interesting, months, even years of  easy going then bam - surprise!  Nearly two months ago, Mr. GDC had knee replacement surgery.  It happened rather quickly.  A doctor's visit, a few X-Rays and it was scheduled.  The damage to his knee from Texas high school football, years of use, combined with heredity, left him literally "bone on bone". The pain incredible, surgery was the only solution. Getting old, it's a journey. 
The cottage is two story, the only two bedrooms along with primary bathroom are upstairs.  Mr. GDC won't be able to handle stairs for several months, perhaps a year or more while he recovers.   We were suddenly faced with a huge dilemma; how to get the king sized bed down our 1930's narrow, stairwell featuring a 90 degree turn and small landing.  The movers literally wrenched it into a taco shape, then four of them shoved it up the stairs!  At least we had gravity on our side, down proved easier than u…

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