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Living Room Art

I prefer  slowly building  a room  by collecting items on  antiquing  excursions and  estate sale finds.  We've been in the cottage a full year, we've made some friends, wandered around discovering are little town and collected a few treasures. For me a collected room is more interesting, less staged.
Our living room is long; from the front door to the back wall it is 34 feet long, with a width of roughly 18 feet.  Creating a warm, inviting room can be tricky. I chose to divide the room into three sections; entry, sitting area and dining. The furniture traveled about the room for months before it settled in their current positions. 
The fireplace wall is wide; framed by pilaster columns that fall from the ceiling rafters, a long mantle shelf, also a wood storage cabinet - its style reminiscent of New England.

We happened upon a lovely acrylic landscape of blues and greens at an East Texas estate sale.  This picturesque scene of Holland has found its way to the fireplace mantle We…

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