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Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and Cream Gravy for Two

As a fourth generation Texan, biscuits and gravy are a bit of a food staple for me.  Every biscuit is different.  Some people prefer biscuits that are mile high and bread like made with eggs, while others prefer a more dense yet flaky, cake like biscuit.  I'm a cake biscuit girl.  My Grandmother used to whip us up a few biscuits in her Fort Worth Kitchen when I would spend the night.  I would sit with great anticipation; perched upon the edge of my "X" back chair, next to the maple drop leaf table, drinking my saucer of Café O'lait, waiting on the scrumptious smelling biscuits to make their debut.  (Yes, as a child I had coffee in a saucer.) We'd feast on real butter,  red current jelly and flaky cake like biscuits. 
I've searched for years for the "perfect" recipe that would yield crusty biscuits with flaky soft interiors and golden brown bottoms.  I've wished that I had written down my Grandmother's recipe, a…

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