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A Gargoyle and A Whiskey Barrel ...

About fifteen years ago when I was an assistant to a realtor in Austin, she and I visited a European style home in the Bee Cave area of town.  At the front gate of the home was a wine barrel with a cement laughing gnome coming out of the top of it.  I laughed and laughed, then stalked the house for years to come!  The owner's purchased the gnome in Europe and had it shipped to Austin.  He has his hands clasped in front of his chest, his mouth wide open, his eyes squinted in a full, hearty laugh. He looks a bit mischievous, as though he was up to something. The front gate greeter stole my heart.  

Fast forward fifteen years to today, we live in Corsicana Texas in an English style cottage.  Before we made our deal on our cottage, I knew this was the house for a barrel and gnome.  For the six months we've lived here, I've been searching for a laughing gnome.   Unfortunately, the laughing, mischievous gnome was illusive. 
I happened upon a website Design Toscano, where I found …

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