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Christmas "tour"

  This has been an interesting year.  When it came time to decorate for Christmas, I must admit my heart wasn't in it. While "decking the halls" has been a great distraction and return to something familiar for so many, in this year full of oddities - I struggled with "Do we have to?"   2020 has been raging at the cottage; if not one thing its the plumbing,  a fireplace chimney cap that failed - you could literally sit on the settee and watch it rain down the chimney. Orange Home Depot buckets are the reoccurring focal point of the living room. I have a new verse to a Christmas classic; "All I want for Christmas is a new chimney cap, a new chimney cap..." It's been a year to remember, or perhaps forget as we update the cottage one piece at a time.  Either way the fellas won, the tree is up, the wreaths are dangling from plaid ribbons in the windows - well some of the windows -   Christmas cheer was kept simple this year to create a charming cottage

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