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It began with a rug....  The cottage living room has been evolving over the past few months.  Honestly, when we first moved I didn't know what to do with it.  The voluminous long living room enveloped all of our furniture from our Galveston cottage. It was incredible. Our small scale pieces that fit perfectly into our turn of the century "storm survivor",  were painfully inadequate for the space.  We began to shop and add pieces; two chests, along with a petite French table,  from The Corner Shop here in Corsicana joined the living room. What I needed most was a rug.  After months of searching for an affordable 11 X 14 rug, I happened upon one at EBTH, Everything But The House an estate sale online auction house.  One night late as I wandered upon the web, the hand knotted wool rug with a damask pattern... peaked my interest.  I adore Damask, it may be a fetish.                                                                                                       The excit

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