Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Cottage Exterior  2016

We've been "decking the halls" around the cottage.  This year we chose a simple approach.  We'll be painting the cottage soon, Sybi as I refer to her.  She has a bit of a personality disorder due to renovations, and updates.  Sybi, originally was a Victorian Folk Cottage, constructed in 1894.  She's been through many curators in her lifetime, each leaving a mark.  The personalities left by her curators, gave her a bit of an identity crisis; Victorian, 1940's Cottage, and contemporary as well. 

It is time for Sybi to have a fresh dress. Here on the Gulf Coast, the combination of heat, humidity, sun, and sea spray is unbearable upon paint.  With the current mild temperatures, we are beginning the arduous task of painting our beloved Sybi.  With her split personality, we've decided upon white. I know, it's boring.  White will give her some continuity;  quiet the geometry of her French windows, and tall slender Victorian windows, and bring herself together with the carriage house, and the detached garage.  Just wait until you see her dressed in white. She's going to be lovely.

Here she is in her last bit of blue Christmas cheer

Until next time, wishing you all the best -

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