Living Room Vignette

I've been collecting treasures to pair with the print of the girl on the windowsill... she's been with us thirty years, touring about Texas from house to house, making each feel a little more like home -

I wanted to create a collection of items around her to provide balance to the right side of the dining room window.  Upon the left I have the Gazelle canvas, my Aunt's blue and white jar with lid, the clay bust a recent estate sale find, one of our antique candlestick lamps, topped by a petite silver colored sunburst mirror.  The Bombay chest is fairly large, the left side of the dining room window was a bit heavier in items than the right. 


The smaller English chest on the right has a collection of blue and white, the antique candlestick's spouse, along with the girl on the windowsill print.  The vignette needed some additional width, as well as height.  This vignette is directly across from the front door, as you open the door it's the first thing that pulls your eye into the room. 

To add width I thought a collection of blue and white plates would be nice. 

I found these sweet rice pattern plates on Amazon here.  I decided on four; two for the top and bottom then I'd looks for something antique to place in the middle.

I happened upon this pair of vintage saucers by Johnson Brother in the Old Britain Castle pattern. I liked the size, slightly larger than the petite plates, also a bit darker, rather than true white a vintage cream background, I felt they would pair well, while giving a nice contrast.

I searched for something to go above the girl. I was uncertain, I couldn't find the "right" thing. I didn't want to repeat yet another sunburst mirror.  I considered a deer plaque, an ornate frame we already own and a bit of ormolu from a 1920's china hutch - nothing 

I decided I would arrange the plates then allow the composition to develop.  Choosing to begin at the bottom I measure the position for the base plate first, then centered the second plate, and repeated the distance between the bottom and middle plates to place the top one.  Clear as mud?

I placed the first nail 11" above from the chest top, 5.5" from the edge of the girl on the windowsill frame. I centered the vintage Johnson Brothers saucer. Afterward measured the distance between the bottom nail and the middle 11.16", measured from the middle up the same distance and hung the top plates. 

I thought the plates looked nice flanking the print.

I tried the ormolu. It didn't have the presence I hoped. 

I tried a small print, I liked the shape and color, still not thrilled with it. 

I thought of my grandmother's silver plate tray. So I tried it. 

I thought the shape was nice, having the sentiment of my grandmother's tray with me, precious. Repeating the silver element between the tray and candlestick helped to tie the vignette together.    I wondered what a little color would do? 

I may be decoupaging again... scary thought. 

I've drug out my collection of fabrics, some women collect shoes, me - yards of fabrics.  I'm scheming a daybed redo, trying to break out of the neutral box.  I can't help it, I find neutral quiet, calm, appealing... French. 

One vignette at a time, slowly we are creating a home.  Enjoying our new surroundings, going on treasure hunts.

 Until next time wishing you all the best - 


  1. I love what you have done so far but have you tried adding a plant to the vignette? A live philodendron would, forgive the pun, add life to your vignette. A good faux one would work as well. The older I get the more I love good faux plants and flower arrangements . They require a lot less attention when I want to head out to visit the grandkids for a week or two. And the silks now days! Some are so realistic I have to touch them to assure myself that they aren't real! Your home is lovely . Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Great idea. I keep looking at it wondering what else it needs, it's needing something. Wondering too if I placed the plates too far apart - what do you think?

  2. I would move them a little closer together just because I second guess myself alot. Sometimes I have to try things out to see if I like what I've done. Love your buffalo check curtains.


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