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Spring and a Special Delivery Spring rains brought May flowers to the cottage - A white panel van with purple and orange letters safely delivered a pair of David Austin Munstead Wood rose bushes to our front gate. Be still my heart, I couldn't be more excited. Wrapped in plastic their moist bare roots were ready to be planted. I had waited months, ordering the roses last summer.  We thoughtfully chose a place in the courtyard, followed the directions, installed a drip line. It didn't look like much. I welcomed them to Texas and promised they would be happy here at our cottage. We waited.... daily wandering out to visit and offer words of encouragement.   The days that followed they began to grow. Finally, dark green foliage was punctuated with deep wine buds that slowly opened flat.  The blooms boasting rows of delicate, ruffled petals.  The young bushes have not disappointed. We can hardly wait to see how they mature.  The front garden is growing well, a variety of lilies enca

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