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A Bathroom Adventure

A Bathroom Adventure....or was it a nightmare?  Last year about this time we discovered standing water under our cottage.  After some investigations we determined the downstairs shower was leaking.  The original bathroom had a shower, antique blanket chest vanity, clay pavers and hand painted tiles.  We removed the glass shower surround and broke out the tile floor, then called our friendly plumber, Mr. Larry.  It was when he started groaning, and saying "Oh Andi, this ain't good" that I got worried.....  Mr. Larry discovered that when the 3/4 bath had been built about ten years earlier, the then plumber had tied the new plumbing lines into the original iron pipe exit line.  Unfortunately, a neighbor's nearby cedar tree had spread roots looking for water (they are notorious for this) and penetrated the line. The end result; each time the shower or sink ran, water exiting the house would leak from the penetrated line and collect under the cottage in the crawl space. Ou

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