Moving On

It wasn’t a surprise when we moved in to the cottage that most of our furniture didn’t fit.  I expected challenges. Moving is a challenge, isn’t it?  Furniture that lives well in one home, may not work in the next.  Style, room sizes, walls and windows can all add up to your favorite chair being put up for adoption.

The cottage was built in 1894, a trendy new home with all the latest Victorian features.  Small rooms, one leading to the next, creating a quirky floor plan for today's living style. Built high off the ground allowing space beneath for vegetable storage, and shelter from the sun, and heat.  There is a fireplace chimney beneath our home, teasing that perhaps meals may have been prepared there. It certainly isn’t cold here! Beautiful, blue green bead board graces the “ceiling”.  Perhaps a favorite color of Emma Crooks, the widow who built our home for her two children and herself.

I think relocation may have been most difficult upon the movers.  Our movers and I became well acquainted during the loading.  They were fine, young men. Both students at UT, bright and muscle bound, exactly what I needed. Of course I fed them. It’s a Southern thing.  They both loved our Austin home.  

Image result for all my sons moving

When they arrived at the cottage upon the gulf coast, with no backyard, and stairs; lots and lots of stairs - they exited the truck and instantly displayed a look of fear! I greeted my perplexed young men warmly, offered the fellas coffee, and we took a walk about.  As we walked room to room there was silence.  Finally, one spoke “I get it”.  I believe the second young man felt we needed our head examined! We had traded a nearly half acre lot adjacent to the Hamilton Greenbelt, where you could leisurely stroll to Lake Travis. Filled with deer, fox, squirrels, owl and other wildlife the setting was picturesque.  Here we were; standing in the heat, the humidity, amidst palm trees and barley a patch of green - on an adventure.  Could the young man be correct? Nah.

When I move I use a color code system.  I assign each room a color, and print color squares on letter size paper for marking boxes.  As I pack each box I make a personal list of things packed away then add an appropriate color square to the top and one side.  For example; living room yellow, Kitchen blue, and garage red. I use letter size printer paper with a very large colored square for marking rooms in our next home. Upon arrival to our next home, I tape the letter sized paper with colored squares to the door frames of the appropriate rooms.  There’s no deciphering my writing, and not a single “Where does this go?”. The squares are bright, and the movers color match. I find it the best method of organization. Boxes land where I need them. I’m not shuffling boxes about, long after the muscles have gone!

My husband home offices, and he needs privacy for conference calls. The room that would make sense to be the living room, is going to be his home office.  It is large, has a great view and original pocket doors.   With that realization; living room furniture is on the move - to what should be the dining room?  Maybe? 

 There is space for the TV in an original built in. There are issues with this idea; the pass through bar into the kitchen has to go. Honestly, I think the entire wall needs to go.

The master bedroom, with a private bath is posing another challenge.  Our king size bed won't fit upon a wall.  Temporarily it is in front of the bay out. To open and close the blinds I can either stand on the bed, or slip behind the headboard. This isn't going to work. 

I'm a little stressed, and frustrated.  I think I'll paint! Paint, never fails to make me happy. It's the fastest and least expensive way to make a change. Walls, ceilings, cabinets. 

I think this grey is a little dark, and maybe a little sad for a home office.  The gold metallic on the picture mod needs to be changed.

Dark grey ceilings seemed like a good idea.  Now I'm uncertain.

I can't stop painting. OOOPS!  Not Jade, the puppy, she must have leaned against a door facing. She's less than thrilled.

I'll be offering things for adoption on Craig's List.  Decide on the grey ceilings and home office walls. Finish  at least a few paint projects. Move the furniture, again.  Maybe a little antiquing and resale shopping.  I'll be back soon  -



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