4th of July Patriotic Party Décor

We had a lovely party on the 4th, celebrating America's independence. I wanted a festive, patriotic theme with an antique vintage feel; casual yet elegant. In the foyer as guest entered they were greeted with a wine station.

A small American flag hung atop artwork, paired with a few stars sitting atop the console table made the display festive.  

In an effort to introduce the vintage glass, sparkle, and shine theme; I placed a vintage glass piece as a candle holder upon an antique silver tray.  Wine glass stems were tied with ribbon; knotted, bowed, different types and widths were used to allow guest to identify their glass.

Simple metallic stars hung from the ceiling with fishing line to provide a festive vibe.  I used 3M Command, in an effort not to harm the ceiling paint. and to prevent falling stars. The dining table is set in buffet style, with serving stations on all sides of the table; allowing guest to access tasty bits from all four sides.

A friend gifted me her grandmother's tatting, laid upon our table as runners it provided an antique edge to our display. Vintage art glass pieces I create from vintage, and antique glass were used as food servers and centerpieces. Dollar Store glass plates, sitting atop silver toned chargers added more sparkle and shine at both ends of the table.

Our menu included Cheddar cheese biscotti, spicy sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, meatloaf sliders, cheese, veggies and crackers. Finger foods so that people could pick up something and wander about enjoying conversation, or grab a plate and feast. 

Champagne glasses served sauces for the sliders and continued the sparkle glass vintage party theme. I find using sauces in small containers allows the sauces to be replenished and keeps them fresh.  A few accents; American flag picks, and "Happy 4th" napkins further the patriotic theme.

  Vintage glass pieces in red, blue and clear infused the table with the patriotic color scheme. Using various heights to serve adds interest to the tablescape.  Offering the same food in various places allows guest the opportunity to serve themselves freely without bumping in to one another. 

In center of our sitting area; an antique tray displayed upon a stool provides convenient snacks while people enjoy conversation. 

We had a lovely time with friends.  I hope you'll find some of these ideas helpful for your next party. Wishing America a wonderful birthday and upcoming year!



  1. Looks like it was really fun. Wish we lived closer! You put everything together so well!


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