Happy 4th

The porch is dressed to celebrate the 4th.  I located spirited fabrics at www.fabric.com; a Red and White stripe polyester charmeuse,  and a sheer chiffon Navy and White Stars;  perfect for bunting.  The red and white was a generous 60" wide while the navy and white stars is 58".  I split the fabric in half to create a nice width for bunting. 

Our porch is a bit unbalanced, the stairs are located upon the left side of the porch.  I chose to wrap the right side in the red and white stripe and the left upper section in the navy and white stars; to reflect an American flag.

I like the contrast and think stripes on both sides of the porch would have been a bit too much.  In the background you can see "Old Glory" hanging from our son's balcony.

I used four, 4 X 6 flags to create the garland around the front door.  Two flags gathered around the field of stars create the top, the jabot swags are created by one flag on either side.  

View from the porch.  Alternating the swags makes the interior of the porch pretty too.

Wishing you a happy 4th of July!


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