Sending Chairs Out Into The Universe

Our Estate find, the antique French table, came with a set of matching chairs.  The chairs with their curving backs, Cabriole legs and hand carved details are beautiful.  We have chairs.  If there's one thing I've learned after moving to a cottage, chose your pieces wisely.  The cottage offers charm, graceful details and creaking floors - very little storage and space.  With a heavy heart I chose to refinish the chairs and offer them to the universe, in hopes someone would find them, adopt them, and love them.

They were dressed in old rust colored velvet, their joints loose, and many a nail head were missing.  The finish was cracking and peeling, they were tired, sad, with a hint of rustic beauty.  Stripping them first then carefully gluing each joint they began to stand a littler taller.

Understanding these beauties needed a new home, I chose to finish the frames in a grey washing technique; wash the frames with grey paint allowing the natural wood color to show, then seal with Minwax Classic Gray stain and sealer.  I make certain to leave enough Classic Gray pooled in the carving to create depth. I finish off with a coat of hand rubbed Minwax sealant to insure the frames are properly sealed, and safe from water, and humidity damage.

The shell motif at the top of the Cabriole legs took their new color well.  Wanting these girls to be versatile yet a little cheeky, I chose a medium taupe velvet and gold gimp.

Simple yet elegant, with their grey finishes, velvet dresses and gold trim worn like necklaces and bracelets wrapped around them, they felt pretty again.

I offered these lovelies up for adoption, and the universe responded quickly.  The first day an energetic lady stopped by our cottage; she has a vacation home around the corner from us, and had been searching for the right set of chairs to pair with her dining table.   We became fast friends, she was just the right lady for my lovelies; charming, witty, graceful, I knew in an instant they'd be happy with her.  I have an invitation to stop by and visit when I miss them - how perfect? 

Wishing you all the best, until next time -


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