Casual Dinner for Four

I enjoy giving small dinner parties, it's fun to break bread, share lively conversation, and spend time with friends.  The cottage dining room set for a casual dinner for four.

Our dishes are Mikasa, Italian Countryside.  I like the simplicity of them, cream, a pleated edge, and small rim of embossed flowers.  Our flatware, San Remo, features a black acrylic center with embossed ends available  here.  

Grey, cotton napkins are used as placemats, and folded alongside the place setting. Simple.

Whipped butter piped into coordinating ramekins, set at either end of the table are convenient, and appealing.  A few coral rose buds cut short, and placed in small candle holders add a bit of color.

At the center of table; a rectangular blue and white porcelain container, lined with parchment paper, resting atop a blue and white porcelain tray.  Waiting patiently to be filled with hot, fresh French bread. 

Cozy, and casual the setting is ready.

The menu; fresh baked French bread, beef bourguignon, and for dessert apple tart.  The apple tart is from Bruno Albouze; view his video, and method here. For this tart I chose to use his sweet pastry as my base, rather than the puff pastry.

Being American, I couldn't help sprinkling just a bit of cinnamon atop. I drizzled juice from one lemon for a little tartness. What can I say? We Americans love our apples with cinnamon....

Bon Appetit.

Wishing  you all the best, until next time -


  1. Your dining room is stunning....I love the table and chairs!!!! The table vignette is beautiful and the apple tart looks so delicious!!!!
    Have a great week....

  2. Thank you Des for your lovely comments and for stopping by - Andi


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