Fall; "Island Style"

Island fall is a bit less eventful than other parts of the country, the world.  Here, fall arrives when the humidity drops, and the temperature flutters about 75 degrees.  Foliage doesn't turn the typical shades of amber, persimmon, and tobacco. Leaves don't release themselves from branches, to float gently upon a breeze, then settle upon the ground.   Rather than warm shades of foliage, and piles of leaves; palm fronds crash to earth from atop swaying trees, when blustery gulf winds blow.  Grass remains green. Flowers continue to bloom. The sun, and moon rise, and set a bit further south upon the horizon. Fall is a subtle change, with the most obvious difference - less tourist upon the beach.

The sunlight bright, the day clear, the temperature mild; I took a walk about.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing fall "island style".  A few pumpkins, a skeleton pirate, a spider's web; upon the Victorian painted ladies of Galveston Island. Enjoy -

Don't you just hate it when your broom goes astray?

Amazing details on the façade of the lady; fish scales, arches spring from twin posts, arched transoms, an eyebrow window punctuates the gable.

Stunning front door; the "X motif at the base, topped with stain glass side lites, finished off with a hand carved pediment.

Greek Revival; swoon.

Come fly, come fly, come fly with me....

Jean Lafitte on the balcony, set to do battle with spiders.

The simplicity of pumpkins lined upon this stairwell is brilliant; a cheerful orange line leading guest to "trick or treat".

Island fall colors; chartreuse, fuchsia and ochre.

Enjoying the fall here on the island, hope you are enjoying your fall as well. 

Wishing you all the best, until next time -


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