Foyer Update

Often, the best laid plans can go astray -

I've been working on the foyer update for weeks now.  I found the perfect rug, exactly the size I needed 7' by 10', an odd size. The rug defines the space perfectly, edging the pathway from our front door into the cottage.  I've finished sewing, and hanging the bronze brown drapes.  Then I set to moving the furniture about like a crazy person!  I've had it every which way you can place a settee, two arm chairs, and accent tables in a 7' X 10' living space. 

Petite spaces make for difficult design dilemmas.  Add a wall of windows, and things become very interesting.  I came up with two plans that I truly liked.  Two plans that actually work for relaxing while having lively conversation with friends, and family. Ultimately, I decided to set the furniture looking toward the dining room, mainly because when you enter the cottage, the view is inviting, welcoming. 


I've walked in to the foyer over, and over, and over - only to feel something isn't quite right.  It's that little tweak that you know needs to be made, yet you can't identify the tweak.  Frustrating.  Honestly, as heart wrenching as it is, I think the armchairs are wrong for the space; the scale, too tall for the settee? Maybe the black finish on the console and side tables is too dark? Maybe grey on the side table, and stain the console to match the dining table? Silver garden stools too much? 

I chose to casually skirt a round table in one corner, a bit of French flair.  Presently I am using a quilted fabric, with squares to accent the geometric Greek Key fabric on the armchairs.  I am thinking the skirt color needs to be darker. Maybe a more formal skirting, gathered, trimmed?

View from the dining room, looking across the foyer. 

I'm happy with the drapes.  The settee is perfect scale for the room.  I'm happy with the foyer chandelier Mr. GDC, and I fastened from a three arm chandelier, rusty basket, and 98 prisms.  I love, love the new rug; jute, and cotton blend, with a velvety soft border. Accessories are on hold - while I continue to make myself mad as a hatter. I thought I'd show you where I am, stuck, and confess that sometimes the best laid plans can go astray -

Happy weekend!  I'll be in "foyer focus". Until next time, wishing you all the best -


  1. I think it is LOVELY ! (well done :) ) ...
    visited here while searching for cottage foyers ...

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and for the compliment PV. Hope to see you again soon - Andi


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