Ghost Of Christmas Past

It's the weekend we ordinarily "deck the halls".  This year finds me feeling a bit nostalgic.  We've been moving furniture, trading furniture, painting walls, making drapes,  creating flowerbeds, and shuffling things about literally since we arrived two years ago. 

It's been until recent, when crossing the causeway to the island felt that we were "home". Changes come fast, acceptance comes slow, doesn't it?   We can pack ourselves up, and wander amuck, have adventures, and explore - yet, that feeling of home, is slower to come.  Home, it takes a while.  I'm uncertain when it happened for me, when the Texas Gulf Coast, finally felt like home.  It's here. I'm nested among the palm fronds.   In this realization, with the Christmas holiday approaching, I found myself flipping through photos of Christmas past.  

A small boy, reading "T'was The Night Before Christmas"

Our tall, somewhat skinny tree dressed in red, green, and gold. It's been with us a long time, a gift from a friend.  This was it's first year, with it's 100 lights per foot, I carefully strung. Yes, it's the unfashionable style without the lights attached. Which is actually why it came to us. My friend upgraded.  

Much better, this year I purchased greenery for it, and tucked it within the branches.  Greenery gives a simple tree interest.  I used silver glitter dusted sprigs of cedar style greenery. I usually add several stems to the top to bulk it up a bit. 

A piano lovingly restored,  now many years passed it lives with someone else. I continue to hang wreaths from ribbons, simple, grouped together they make a big statement.

When the walls were beige, and the furniture faux leather, the mantle faux finished to appear weathered, and old.  I took a coffee table a part, and placed it atop the iron plan stand, using it as a base. It quickly moved from behind the sofa to in front, I tucked a small stool under the table. Jr. completed his homework there for a long time.  

Gifts of Christmas past, whispering to us.  We used to open gifts upon Christmas Eve, then travel about Texas Christmas day to visit family.

This was the year I went neutral. I  recovered the sofa; it was actually a forced recover, had something to do with a can of root beer being tested, we learned if you shake them, they will spew everywhere! The walls changed to ivory, with accents of gold.   We loved those chaise lounges, they were so comfy.  I spent more time napping TV, than actually watching. The mantle was painted out to match the wall, the hallway painted a dark gold.  I can just see a glow from the fire, I miss having a fire.

That's ribbon running about the living room. Santa leaves his gift upon a string for Jr.  Each year Santa runs ribbon about the house, and places Jr.'s name upon a tag.  Jr. winds the ribbon up around the tag, wandering over furniture, under furniture, over chandeliers, in search of his gift, found everywhere from the refrigerator, the dryer, to the garage.

Paper bag advent "tree" , the year I was reupholstering the chairs, and hadn't finished.

Silver and green with a sunburst mirror atop, rather than a star.

Crepe Myrtle branches cut from trees in the yard, arranged inside the blue and white porcelain ginger jars upon the mantle, then dressed with snow flakes.

Our tree dressed in silver, grey, and clear "icicles" with crepe myrtle branches tucked inside. Jr. chose a star that year for the top.  He was less than excited about the starburst mirror.

Mamaw's nativity set, she made in ceramic class

Decorating the tree in our Austin home.  For years I've strung the lights, added the greenery, then sat down turning it over to my guys.  Mr. GDC, and Jr. decorate.  It's one of my favorite traditions.  Laughing, and watching them, placing each ornament with care, fussing over who gets to place what; "Those are mine! You did the long glitter things last year!".  Boys.  

A blue cottage upon the coast, with bannisters to dress.  Affectionately referred to as "Sybi", short for Sybil, because she has multiple personalities. A bit Victorian, a bit cottage, a bit modern.

The beautiful antique round pedestal table I refinished, then a neighbor claimed.  We had big plans to move the front door, the dining room was actually going to be the foyer. We then learned that you can't simply move a door on a historic home, without approval. hmmm. An antique secretary covered the door in the foyer for a few months, then eventually moved along to someone else.   Decorations, and furniture were sparse last year.

Last year Santa and his sleigh ended up in the tree, the reindeer climbing upward, and the long glitter things were placed upon the bottom of the tree. Wonder which one did that?

I'm thinking the snowflakes hung from the ceiling, at "Sybi", just 7 blocks from the beach, may not be sensible, I wonder, has it snowed here, ever?   The beach dressed in snow, that would be beautiful.

What to do this year?  I've been searching for another tree.  Now that we are beginning to settle, I think another small tree or two would be nice.  Shall we remain neutral, or add some color?  Snowflakes or jump, and have a few shells?  Are sea shells Christmas décor? With miles of banisters we could do with more garland.  Hmmmm.  What to do, what to do?

Wishing you a happy day of decking the halls, whatever your traditions may be. 
Until next time - 



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