Transitioning from Christmas to New Year's; 2017

Apologies, I hoped to have this posted yesterday.  It's been raining here, on the island, the light has not been ideal for photography.  Please excuse the bit of "blue", and the tardiness of this post. Perhaps you can take a little inspiration for the next new year. 

Transitioning from Christmas to New Year's can be a bit confusing.  Do you put the tree away, or embrace it for the New Year?  For us, I chose to edit the traditional Christmas decorations, add a few New Year's Eve style decorations and combine the two for a festive look.  We hosted a small party yesterday, during the day.  As we all get older, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to stay up long enough to ring in the new year!  Yesterday was a warm, and happy time with good friends, good food, and 2017.

New Year's Eve is a time of reminiscing for the year left behind, and looking forward to the year ahead.  Time, I chose to reference the concept of time by using numbers "2017", a countdown of 1 - 10, and copies of antique clock faces I found upon the internet. Using antique French book pages, I wrote in script "Happy", "New", "Year"; one word for each page, and added the words to our Christmas wreaths hanging center of various windows in the cottage.

The foyer; "Happy New Year" is added to the center of the three wreaths in the windows.

The draped table between the chairs is edited; adding numbers "2017" to the branches arranged in the blue and white porcelain ginger jar.  I deleted the candle, with gold glitter letters, and removed the black and white printed art "Joyeux Noel" from the frame. 

I added in the frame a bit of clip art, a champagne bottle and cork.   Christmas cards were also deleted from the antique shutter covered niche. 

I created word signs using my computer and card stock; "Auld", "Lang", "Synge" adding the words to the door niche by stringing them upon tiny black ribbon and pinning the ribbon to the top of the door frame, allowing the words to dance inside the door frame.  For the signs, I used Garamond font, at 300, and hole punched two holes at the top of each word to allow the ribbon to be looped through the word. 

I researched, then printed various clock faces upon card stock, cut them out and added the faces to our Christmas tree.  

I printed letters using my publishing software, spelling out the work "Happy".  I chose a simple method of Garamond font, in an over large scale of 300, printed upon card stock, then cut the letters into squares.  Once the squares were cut, I hole punched at the center of each letter to allow a 1" black satin ribbon to be threaded through the letters, creating a garland.  I tied the garland, with the wording "Happy" swaging it from the drapery rod above the tree.

Upon two separate antique book pages I wrote in script "New", and "Year" then tucked the pages in at the top of the tree, just under the garland "Happy". 

Repeating the antique French book pages, I cut one number from each page to represent the new upcoming year "2017".  I applied a hole punch at the center top of each number, ran a tiny black ribbon through it each and tied the numbers to the chandelier over the dining table, allowing the tangle the number.   Viewing the room the tree with the clocks, the message "Happy New Year", and the number "2017"; provide an inviting message to guests.

In the keeping room,  I kept the Auld Lang Syne theme playing with the words again on the antique French book pages, and adding numbers to the chandelier.

I added a clock face paired with moons to the center of the starburst mirror to repeat the time idea.

We recently added an antique daybed to the keeping room.  I made the cushions, pillows repeating our neutral color pallet.  One pillow is made from the same damask used on the dining room inside chair backs.  Repeating the fabrics ties the rooms together, in an open concept plan.

I'm experimenting in the keeping room.  We just added the daybed. I'm playing with a gallery wall concept featuring cemetery photos I took in NOLA.  I apologize for the photo.  The weather refuses to cooperate today.  I'll post more of this room as it comes together soon.

Wishing you all a happy 2017.  Thank you for stopping by from time to time to visit with me.  May your year be happy, healthy, and full of new adventures!


  1. Everything looks absolutely stunning! I love your new daybed.....
    Happy New Year!!!!


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