Mardi Gras Décor

The island is slowly turning shades of purple, green, and gold.  People are walking with a bit lighter step, as the excitement of upcoming Mardi Gras fills the air.  I thought you'd like a island tour of a few homes dressed for the season. 

Here at Grey Dove Cottage, we are painting "Sybi".  It is a slow, act of love for her.  Putty, sanding, scrapping, she's getting quite the facelift.  Sybi is going all white, she'll look a bit like a wedding cake, with her walls, post, and railings subtly dressed in white.  With her facelift well underway, I kept Mardi Gras this year simplistic, and light hearted.  Next year, she'll have a larger costume, a more fitting dress for our Sybi.

Mesh ribbon paired with beads, and glass ornaments and a mask dress the rails.

The front door sunburst mirror features an embellished mask, mesh ribbon and peacock feathers.

I apologize for the grey skies, we've had lovely mild temperatures, yet grey skies, and fog.  Here on the island fog is a regular occurrence.  Often walking about our streets feels as though you are staring in a ghost mystery film!  The island is rich with Victorian architecture.  To follow is a small sample of historic ladies who dot our little island, dressed in their Mardi Gras costumes;  

"Hunter", one of many tree sculptures on the island.  Hunter is special, his likeness and name pay tribute to the real Great Dane who calls 13th at Sealy home, he waits perched upon the fence for someone to through him some more beads!

The Grand Lady; Michael B. Menard house, graces 33rd street.  You may read more about this historical home by visiting the Galveston Historic Foundation here. Built in 1838, she is the oldest home on the island.  We attended a commemorative "bash" there Friday night.  It was too much fun!  There was tasty food, a New Orleans jazz band, a festive atmosphere, and wonderful friends -

A little party finery

The Hustlers Brass Band from NOLA

The Mitchell arch at the Tremont Hotel, waits patiently for her moment when the Knights of Momus parade in its finery, will pass beneath her. Good food, and spirts will flow upon Mechanic's Row.  Shouts of  "Hey Mister! Throw me some beads!" will fill the air.  I can hardly wait!  

Until next time, wishing you all the best -



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