How does your herb garden grow?

While our lot is large for Galveston, most of it is filled with the three separate structures that make up our home; the original cottage, carriage house, and detached two car garage.  In addition, we have a concrete circle drive, also pathways between the structures.  Garden space is at a premium.

We inherited an awkward corner alongside the carriage house.  The small hidden gem, is accessible through our breezeway.  Being somewhat remote it isn't a good space for a patio, sitting area, etc...  Despite the carriage house towering over 20 feet above, the space has full sun most of the day.  It measures 13 by 15 feet.  What to do?  

I enjoy attempting to cook, especially with fresh herbs.  I've longed for an herb garden for some time.  Our awkward, remote, space seemed perfect for an herb garden.  Wandering down our back steps to snip a few bits of Rosemary for lemon, honey chicken would be too much fun!

While herb shopping, we happened upon a Meyer Lemon tree.  I often use lemons when cooking for seasoning.  Lemon sugar cookies is one of Mr. GDC's favorite sweets. We are thrilled to have a Meyer lemon tree.  After finding our treasure, we chose to make the tree our centerpiece in the herb garden. 

Mr. GDC dug a hole twice the size of the pot.  We mixed in potting soil to help with fertilization, also moisture for the tree.

Loosened up the root ball, then carefully placed the tree into the hole.   

Finally, we snuggled it in to it's new home. 

Then we cleared the remainder of the garden; turning over the soil while removing the weeds. It was a chore! Afterward, we racked the soil to even the surface, making certain it was below the lap board on the carriage house, in an effort to prevent insects inside the carriage house.

We used square paver stones to create a design around the tree that would allow us to walk about the garden accessing herbs, also lemons.  The pattern worked out well, between the stones we planted our herbs; rosemary, marjoram, thyme, basil, dill, English Lavender, along with tarragon. These are herbs I often cook with. 

Petite Lemons

View from the carriage house balcony

During our herb gathering trip, we discovered blueberry bushes, we purchased two of those, one for each back corner of the garden.  A little fruit, a little herb. 


While I am familiar with the herbs, Mr. GDC., as well as Jr. might need a little help with identification.  I found a great idea on Pinterest, using corks on skewers as plant markers.  Abandoned corks, we have!



After planting the herbs, and blueberry bushes, we mulched the area with organic black mulch.  Here along the Texas Gulf Coast the weather can be very hot, though humid, the sun dries out the soil and plants.  In addition to the sun, our island is., well, made of sand, creating a natural drain off.  Keeping plants watered is a challenge.  We thought the mulch would help keep the soil moist in our garden.

We had a little assistance from "Puppy", who enjoys digging. She's our rescue pup, although we are uncertain who rescued whom.  We recently celebrated three years with our "Puppy". She's a quirky little girl from Austin Town Lake Shelter.  She's our second rescue.  People often ask what breed she is, I'm 90% certain she's part Muppet - she plops about, it's very entertaining!

The garden is a work in progress.  We'd like to add lettuce, as well as some berries to our garden.  I started lettuce seedlings today, indoors.  In a week to ten days, with luck, we'll have lettuce sprouts to plant. I can hardly wait until we can pick our salad makings fresh from our garden.

The very tall, very white carriage house wall needs a little something. I'm thinking of a scheme for it. Maybe a logo? Maybe a Trellis for a fruit or flower vine? Maybe hanging pots?  We are considering a few more berries for the garden; raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries.  It's a work in progress.  I will keep you posted as it grows, also when I decide on the white "blank canvas".  

As we add fruits, vegetables, and herbs to our garden, we'll need more corks. Someone is going to have to drink a bottle or two of Shiraz.  It's a tough job, I suspect Mr. GDC is up for the challenge. 

Until next time, wishing you all the best -


  1. Thank you Carrie. I'm enjoying getting it started, and looking forward to bountiful harvest! I'm thinking of painting a little something on the carriage house wall - to be continued.


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