Knock Out Roses and Hand Me Down Ferns

My next door neighbor, and friend, Carol is quite the gardener. She's one of those gifted people who can plant a sprig, that will burst into a lovely, full, garden wonderment.  Recently she cleared her flower beds, making way for new additions.  I was a the lucky recipient of "Handy Me Down Ferns"!

Our flowerbeds have been a challenge.  I'm not a tropical floral sort of girl.  I adore English gardens.  Neatly trimmed hedges, topiary trees, roses, of course lavender set my soul a flutter with delight.

Photo Credit, Traditional Home Magazine

Here on the Texas Gulf coast, where the humidity wavers between 70 - 100% , the sun filled days are long, the heat intense - English style gardens are not only common, they aren't practical.  Well, I'm nothing if not determined.  I've faltered more times that I care to disclose. 

Heavy sigh, it supposed to be a double topiary. It'll will get better... I hope!

My friend, Carol, suggested Boston Fern.  A compromise I can live with. During the Victorian period Boston Ferns were often found in gardens.  Ferns made sense, also if Carol says they'll grow -

I've had a bit of trouble under the towering oaks in front of Sybi. The beds are massive.  The oaks provide mid day shade. Since Sybi faces the gulf, the sun rises upon one side, sets upon the other, there are hours of bright sunlight streaming from either side spotlighting the flowerbeds.  It's been a challenge to sort out these most prominent flowerbeds. Shade loving plant burn in the morning, as well as afternoon spotlight. Full sun plants fail to thrive. 

As guest enter the gate visit, the path is takes them between the beds.

Sitting atop the front porch both beds are the base of the view. The ferns seems to be the perfect solution, hopefully the ferns will  grow big filling in the flowerbeds.

.   I've paired them with "Double Pink" knock out roses, for a sprinkling of color. 

I added the fern along the garage side of the house, framing the path to the herb garden. 

I also added the fern in the breezeway.

A lovely gift of friendship, everlasting, something we will both share, and enjoy for years to come. Thank you Carol!

Until next time, wishing you all the best -



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