Harvey - Have I lost my mind? 

My cell phone, email, have been pinging at me all day. I'm fortunate to have so many inquiring about our well being.  Living upon the Texas Gulf Coast, you understand in your head that you are at risk. Yet you wander the streets of Galveston Island, taking in the stunning Victorian ladies who stand gracefully alongside one another, and you think, "Their still here." -

Strolling past an arch topped iron fence, framing a charming garden, at the feet of one of these lovely ladies, an angel stands guard, the carved spindles within the porch railing beckons you welcome -

The yellow beauty stands almost as a promise that all will be well.  She appears sturdy, steadfast, resolute.  Arches spring from carved post creating the framework for a covered porch, also balcony. Those archways are repeated upon the fence.  I wonder if originally there was another French window on the left upstairs?

A stunning beauty graces a corner, her intricate fretwork mimics icing upon a wedding cake. Peering at her splendor, my mind wonders how long it must have taken artisans to create the woodwork.

Each window is framed with a carved wood casement that includes accents. The bay windows feature paneled bottoms, with pilasters accented by rosettes, layers of crown, also dental molding, around clear ,as well as leaded glass.  She's truly a work of art.

A few more steps down the walk, a rusty iron fence creates a barrier. Palm trees sway in the breeze, their bright green in direct contrast to the rusty red fence.

Another golden yellow Victorian lady bids ado from across the street; fish scales fill her gable, also trim her window, twin porches are dressed with unusual carved balustrade, while gingerbread brackets hold a pierced gallery with quatrefoils.

Coming home to Sybi, walking past the flowerbeds we made, dug out, planted ourselves. The shrubs are beginning to mature, also fill in about her feet.  

Her geometric railing, not as graceful as some others here on the island, welcomes me home. I adore the "X" motif, the square post, the way the light plays with the railings.

The squirrel that lives in our Southern Oak tree out front, scurries down to greet me, in hopes of sunflower seeds. 

The Victorian homes have stood steadfast for decades.  While my heart races, my stomach knots much like that feeling you have when riding a rollercoaster; the click, click, click pulling the train upward upon the incline, the anticipation of thrusting downward on the other side, the unknown.

Perhaps it is my romantic self that beckoned us here. My lovely neighbors who greet me with warm smiles, hugs, then inquire about our small world, gifting us the feeling that we matter.  Galveston survived the worst storm in American history (storm of 1900), like a phoenix she rose from the ashes, many of her jewels in place. She's endured many a storm since, Sybi has stood steadfast all the while.

We are after all simply curators, there will be others who will call Sybi home, who will feel embraced by her railings, and beckoned by her charm.  Yes, we live in harms way. Do we worry, or course. For us, wandering the streets past historic, graceful, beauties; also living amongst people who make us feel special - is home.  Hopefully, we'll stand steadfast with our Sybi -

Wishing you all the best -


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