Hurricane Harvey - Galveston

This morning Harvey has moved Eastward toward our neighbors, Louisiana.  My heart goes out to those in his path, as well as all affected by him here in Texas.  We are lucky on the island, there's been little flooding, for the most part.  Our small world, here at GDC is in tact, less a few minor injuries, to our beloved Sybi.  Before the storm she stood steadfast -

Harvey's outer bands began to show up, the skies began to darken, the wind began to blow -

The storm raged off and on, as bands whirled around to us, passing over us, then circling around again. There were nights of tornado warnings every 15, to 30 minutes. It was a bit stressful; the buzzing of our cell phones, "Shelter in place".  Being from Austin, Hurricanes are something we have little inexperience with.  We did the things we thought we should; bought water, batteries, candles, matches, non-perishable groceries, also filled cooking pots with fresh water for the all important necessity - coffee.  We sand bagged the lowest doors -

We were all nervous, Puppy was looking out the keeping room window with great anticipation, followed by a bit of frightful "You know there's a storm coming? Should we evacuate?" Sitting behind me on the daybed, leaning against my back, she truly couldn't get any closer.  It was as if she knew, Harvey was going to be a historical storm.

The Gulf began to roll -

Harvey hit with wind driven rain, literally, it was raining nearly horizontal.

The rain began to collect, the sandbags were a good idea.

We fed the grey dove, also the squirrels upon the driveway, each time a band passed and the rain stopped. Silly, I realize, I thought the birds could pick up the seed easier off the driveway, than in the flowerbed. Yes, I know, silly. My heart was in the right place.

We were "riverfront" for a while -

Downtown Galveston was struck harder. The downtown area of Galveston is upon the lower side of the island, where the water flows off.  When Hurricanes pass, the spinning winds tend to push the water from the bay back, preventing drains upon the island to drain into the bay, therefore, the water builds-up in the streets of downtown. 

The Avenue we live upon

The front page on Sunday of the oldest paper in Texas, The Daily News, in Galveston -

You gotta love a guy with a sense a humor -

What do you do when there is a storm raging outdoors, the electricity is still own, thankfully, your off work because there is water in the boutique where you work?  Sew. Yes, I am taking this time "off" to make pull shades for the master bedroom bay windows.

The master needs some help, I've been working on it for awhile. Slowly, layering elements to the room, there is a lot left to do, pull shades will help.

I'm still sewing.  Harvey is moving eastward.  The ocean is calming.

This morning the skies are turning from grey to blue. I think it's time to remove the towels from the window sills; wind driven rain, 120+ year old windows, Sybi gave in a little.  We are thankful, grateful, also hopeful. 

Our Sybi protected us, she sustained only minimal damage.  We'll lovingly mend her wounds. 

We'll do what we can for our community, also those in need.  Despite what you see on the news reports, Texas is a friendly place.  Personally my roots run deep. Texans have big hearts. We bind together, despite our differences.  Our neighbors to the north, Houston and the surrounding metropolitan area stand in ruin.  Houston will rise up, we are nothing if not resilient -


  1. Andi- thank you for your visit to my blog White Spray Paint- especially because it created a path for me to find yours.
    Sybi is lovely AND strong.
    What a great Texan combination.
    Your advice to me in your comment on my post is spot on.
    I have work to do and so much of it is what I enjoy.
    Like you, my heart is in working on my home, gardening, and lately expanding my cooking.

    It is so nice to meet you!


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