Hey Y'all!  What's been up? - Sybi's White Dress

I've been away some time now.  I began a part-time position at a local boutique a year ago. It was a way to help cover the rising costs of Jr's college tuition, also books.  Have you priced a college book lately? We literally paid $300. for a stack of paper, no cover, we had to purchase a huge binder to hold the paper. You'd think for $300. the stack would come with a cover. I digress.... The little boutique job has gone from part-time to full time. While I love meeting the tourist in our small Downtown Galveston, I've missed the blog.  Here's what's been going on -

We've been painting Sybi white.  It's been a long, slow, arduous tasks of love for her.  Here in Galveston the constant gulf breezes carry with them a little sand, a little sea salt which behaves like sand paper gently sanding your home exterior.  Sybi was a soft grey blue, with off white trim.  The intense rays of the coastal sun had faded her paint to a color the local big box paint store computers couldn't match.  We decided upon white with the understanding that living upon the coast, painting is protection for our sweet Sybi.   We thought the choice of white would be easier to maintain over time.  I felt that since our Sybi is a little Victorian, a little 1940's sprinkled with modern updates white would weave her quirky architecture into something stately.  

We began with the detached garage.  

Scrap, sand, prime, paint.... We have three buildings; original cottage, original carriage house and the detached garage. That's 12 sides, 3 sets of stairs, 2 porches and 2 balconies!  No wonder I've not had time to blog - 

Hired Moses, Matador Construction and his side kick George for some much needed help.  Met Moses shortly after we moved to the island, he was building an arbor for our neighbors, he was literally standing outside out kitchen window, since the house is five feet off the ground, I investigated and met the very talented, also charming Moses.  Thank goodness!  I've shared Moses with friends, and acquaintances alike. It's hard to find an honest contractor. 


Painting the skirting grey, the interiors of the arches black and the ceiling??? Peacock blue?

Sherwin Williams Blonde.  I like this!  Apparently the grey dove and pigeons are hungry...

The grey dove haven't gone anywhere.  They still stop by twice a day. 

Ordered Sybi a new porch light from Pottery Barn. It was deposited upon her porch earlier this week, a little motivation to finish painting the porch ceiling!  Can hardly wait to get it installed.  Um, Honey! Are you busy? 

More to come soon, promise.  So much has happened; the Aiden Gray lamps arrived which resulted in a change to the drapes in the foyer.  I drug home a vintage French Empire style coffee table from a girlfriend's attic with the hope of turning it into a coffee table ottoman for the keeping room. That coffee table ottoman prompted the French daybed in the keeping room to experience a change of "clothes". We were gifted an antique shipping box that we turned into a side board in the dining room. We've been playing a lot - 

 Until next time - Wishing you all the best! 


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