Happy Birthday America 

Painting continues on our Sybi.  It takes a long time to paint a house consisting of three buildings when your armed with a paint bucket and brush.  A true labor of love.  She's almost finished, more finished than not - most of her blue dress is now gone.  I chose to add just a hint of color to the front porch floor and stair treads, by a happy accident they are a soft, warm coffee color.  I picked out and ordered the paint color on the internet from our local "big box" home improvement store, thinking I was choosing a very pastel soft taupe.  Stopped in an picked the paint up just before closing, never looked at it until the next morning when I was ready to paint. I opened the can - surprise!  Hmm this is not pastel, barely taupe. Oh well, let's give it a go.  I just love it when a surprise turns out well -  Here is our Sybi feeling patriotic.   

Painting the risers and stringers on the stairs is the next project.  Promise! 

I'm a huge coffee drinker, its a little fate that the porch looks like I split a latte! 

Her 1900 Storm Survivor plaque marking that Sybi survived "The Storm" as it is called here on the Island.  The Hurricane of 1900 devastated the lovely, vibrant island of Galveston.  The island at the time was dotted with vivid Victorian homes, it bustled with business as a major port to the US not only for goods, but for immigration. On September 8th, 1900 the storm hit leaving unprecedented devastation; more than 3,600 homes and buildings leveled and a death toll that ranges between 6,000 - 12,000. Records were lost and not kept as well as today, the estimates very widely. It was after that storm that the Galveston Sea Wall was erected and the island was raised 14 feet. An amazing accomplishment at the time.  Our Sybi was here when the storm hit, she witnessed the devastation, along with the resilience of the island. Her little "badge of honor" represents a catastrophic historic event.  A good source of information about the storm can be found here at our local Galveston Newspaper. 

Our Sybi wearing her new white dress, latte porch and treads, accented with a black door, mostly finished, standing where's she's stood since 1884, she's a little bit of American History. 

Happy 4th of July America!  

Wishing you all the best - 


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