Leaving Galveston and Sybi

The movers arrived three hours late, they got lost.  They had an incorrect address in their mapping that took them through Houston, then down to Bolivar Island.  The guys got to bring the  moving truck across from Bolivar to Galveston on the ferry.  We all laughed about it, they didn't see dolphins, they did see Pelicans and Gulls.  They had never been on a ferry before, or to Galveston.  It was an adventure for them.   It was a gorgeous day on the island, a light shower in the afternoon just as they finished loading, it was a good day to move. 

What took us eight days to pack, took the crew of four men only four hours to load.  It was amazing watching them work as a team.  Before we knew it our Sybi was empty - 

The dining room, with silk blend drapes hanging like ball gowns, puddled upon the red pine floors. 

The Parlor with original pocket doors featuring porcelain knobs and the only closet original closet in the house.  In 1894 when Sybi was built, a closet was considered a room, therefore taxed.  People with closets often showed them off by placing them in the parlor, a display of wealth. Mr. GDC used this parlor as his office.  He spent many hours working away in this room, occasionally giving a wave to our friends who wandered by on the sidewalk  - 

The center of the house with cabinets and columns. 

The Keeping Room with it's eight foot square French window framing the view toward the detached garage.  12 foot ceiling throughout, a chandelier dripping in crystal she still felt gracious. 

Her well appointed kitchen where we cooked many a dinner and dozens of cookies to share with friends.  Homes are never truly empty, the memories of those who lived there whisper long after we leave; the lively conversations, clicking of glasses for champagne toast, the soft prayers linger in the air.  

We made our way down the seawall one last time, the waves were crashing along the gulf coast as we began our new adventure. Thank you to our lovely Sybi, to our warm and loving friends who made our time in Galveston such a joy.  There will forever be a part of hearts living there - 

Until next time, wishing you all the best - 


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