Paint Saga Continues.... 

As of today, there have been twelve shades of paint tested here at GDC.  Yes, twelve.  My go to favorites have betrayed me; Sherwin William Accessible Beige SW7036 looked amazing on the north wall and mauve on the south, Sherwin Williams Light French Grey SW055 that perfect greige, again gorgeous on the north wall, purplish grey on the south, and not a pretty purplish grey.  Some new trials Benjamin Moore Grey Owl 2137-60 turned literally light blue on the south wall, while Pale Oak OC-20 turned khaki.  Heavy sigh, it's been a challenge. I haven't counted the number of paint chips I've collected over the past two weeks. There's a bunch, a bushel and peck? 

I buy samples in Behr paint from the Home Depot because they are an inexpensive method to experience the color in larger swatches.  These larger swatches enable me the opportunity to try the colors on various walls to see how the light will play with the color.  They've been collecting on the windowsill like bullies taunting me....I've definitely been fighting.  With what? The blue light that streams through the north windows.  Can you see it? 

There was a day or two or three of medium gray green walls, a Behr color called Naturalist Grey.  It's gorgeous in the morning, cave like for most of the day, then pretty at night.  Ultimately I decided it was too dark. 

Mr. GDC reminded me this week that we will be decorating for Christmas in a few weeks.  He asked "What do you think of one color on the walls?"  He has a way, doesn't he? 

I wave the white flag, literally, I'm painting today in Benjamin Moore White Dove PM-19. The last time I lived with white walls, I was a girl. This will be different.  I am uncertain what to do. I am nervous. I am not a white wall sort of girl, I prefer warmer color pallets.  Which by the way warm colors here, they turn khaki, because yellow and blue light make green. Pfff. 

See that blue light now?  I understand that even white will cast during the day to blue, grey or even green.  The beautiful creamy white won't be creamy white all day long.  I'm working on a lighting plan to help offset the northern blue light. 

One glimmer of light happened early this morning as I began to paint, I realized the windows in the house are metal frame.  I had seen them, I knew in my head they were metal, I hadn't pondered that.  I plan to strip the paint from the metal frames revealing whatever they are made of, also get them in working order.  They are old style crank windows, charming. I am considering stripping the sills and staining them to match to the floor.  The metal windows paired with stained sills would provide some much needed interest to a white room.  Maybe I'll strip a beam or two? 

I'm uncertain the white will stay. But for the moment, white is one color; walls, trim will all be the same.  There's something to be said for a neutral background, everything I place in front of it will become important, a focal point. If the white remains, I think we are going to need a different rug!

My lighting plan includes removal of the drywall from the ceiling coffers.  I'm curious what's up there. I suspect perhaps another 6" of height, because the ceilings are 8.5 feet high. Hopeful a wood ceiling is hiding above the drywall.  I'd like to hang three lights down the center of the room to add some much needed light to the space.  In my head chandeliers would be gorgeous, like glimmering earrings dangling from the ceiling.  Lighting cast in cones, small from the source then beaming outward. Lighting the center of room with bright clear light will help to offset the northern blue light beaming through the windows.   

First things first.... White Dove, love the name.

Until next time, wishing you all the best - 


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