Exterior Christmas Cheer 

We are so busy this Christmas season; unpacking, organizing, painting.  We opted for a little light exterior Christmas décor this year.  We draped the double front doors with lit faux greenery garland, then added two wreaths suspended from pretty grey metallic ribbon. 

There are brackets on the door canopy support post, I added a couple of oversized acorns, greenery, also a bow.  Honestly, I was uncertain about those brackets, my aunt used to say "Put a bow on it", so I did. Upon the porch I added a pair of clay pots and poinsettia on either side of the double doors.

At night the new wall sconces shine down upon the poinsettia, spotlighting them. 

The front of the house has different sized and style windows.  I chose to hang faux greenery wreaths suspended from the grey metallic ribbon at the center of each window to create a little continuity.  The ribbon is stapled to the top of the window frame, leaving about 6" of ribbon tails to dangle from the frame.  

The final touch of Christmas cheer is on the gate.  I repeated another wreath; decorated with a large acorn, a few neutral poinsettia and a hint of greenery, then finished off with a large bow. 

This year, we've a little Christmas cheer.   

Until next time, wishing you a happy holiday season!


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