European Kitchen Progress - Antique Sideboard

We are making slow progress on our European Kitchen design plan. I've begun painting the keeping room portion of our kitchen in Benjamin Moore's White Dove, same as the living room.   The soft White Dove is brightening the enclosed space.

We are incredibly fortunate to have purchased a lovely antique French Louis XIII sideboard from a close friend. The piece is likely early 1920's and features marquetry flowers inlaid into parquet doors.  The small cabriole legs strung together by a scalloped apron give it a delicate feel. It is a long piece measuring 79" and nestles perfectly between the two existing pilasters upon the stair wall.  Two silverware drawers combined with the large cabinets provide ample storage.  We will use the sideboard for storage and a coffee bar.  I plan to center a hanging cabinet for coffee supplies above the sideboard. 

Two of the original drop pulls are present on the cabinet.  I've cleaned those using Brasso and an old toothbrush, then reattached them.  I'm looking for a coordinate pull or keyhole plate and skeleton key to replace the center cabinet door missing hardware. 

A gently once over with extra fine steel wool, followed by a coat of latex sealer brought the wood back to life, while providing the cabinet with much needed protection. I'm especially drawn to the parquet design on the doors. The parquet angles give a slight contemporary edge juxtaposed to the intriquette flowers and vine marquetry. 

The sideboard was an estate sale find our friend happened upon in Galveston.  Unfortunately the marble top had been broken and discarded. I am considering options; marble, granite, quartz, travertine or wood.  Our cottage is casual.  The buffet featuring carving and marquetry is elegant, adding a marble top may make it too elegant for our cottage style home.  In addition to the styling our kitchen is clad in hand painted French tiles and blue granite counters, creating a visually stimulating space.  I believe a neutral color countertop will work best, allowing the sideboard to stand upon it's own as a separate piece without adding additional pattern.  

We are excited about our find!  We are diligent, although progress is slow. Our goal is to create a charming, interesting, functional space. I'll be back soon, you may follow on Instagram for more frequent updates.

Until next time, wishing you all the best - 


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