Wishing you well -

We are practicing social distancing. Luckily we both work from home and are still employed.  Jr.'s college is closed, classes are now online.  Life has changed greatly over the past few weeks as COVID19 is spreading across the US.  Even our small town is affected. 

We are working on Someday Schemes, visiting with neighbors as they walk past from a safe distance and finding things to pass the time.  Like jigsaw puzzles....Izzy was particularly amused taking his paw and pushing the pieces off the table, he is learning about gravity. I wish he'd push only the loose pieces off rather than the puzzle sections we've joined.  Of course, sections fall faster, so I suppose they are more interesting, breaking apart as they strike the floor...heavy sigh. 

I think we need a bigger puzzle box....

Jade is enjoying her leisure.  We may play Puppy Spa soon, she needs a shampoo and cut. She's looking a bit like a Muppet. Thankfully, Amazon delivered an electric sheerer, complete with a set of heads.  Wonder how she'd look with stripes? She seems less than excited. 

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to our law enforcement, our healthcare professionals and city leaders who are working to battle the virus and keep us as safe as possible.  Locally I'd like to thank our grocer HEB, upon entry an employee gifts each person a paper towel sprayed with disinfectant, it is a small jester, one that is very much appreciated.  We are doing our part, staying home -  

Be back soon. Until next time, wishing you well - 


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