A Memorial Flag Box

Mr. GDC is named after his Grandfather, a WWII Naval Veteran.   Grandfather fought for our freedom.  He returned to his family in Alabama where he lived out his remaining few years, receiving full military honors upon his passing.  The flag that draped Grandfather was gifted to Mr. GDC by his Mother.  To preserve this treasure, I thought a flag case would be lovely. The case needed to provide shelter. The flag being antique it is not only fragile, it is an odd size. A standard case would be much too large. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was something special?

My cousin, Doug, has a woodworking business, born of creative thoughts and incredible talent. He’s made things of wood most of his adult life, structures, furniture and now specialty items.  I called upon Doug to assist with a shelter for the flag. From a bit of oak he fashioned the most amazing heirloom. Hand sanded then stained in ebony, the case is custom sized to fit the antique flag perfectly. He inset Plexiglas for the front,  then etched Grandfather’s name across it. The letters fall like a shadow upon the flag.  It is truly a work of art.

I’m fortunate to have a master craftsman who could take my idea and make it a reality.  Doug makes all sorts of gift items, nearing retirement he hopes to one day travel with his lovely wife Paula and sell their wares. In addition to working in wood, he engraves and turns acrylic. If you can imagine it, they seem to figure out a way to produce it. 

He creates fun plaques with catchy phrases, cutting boards, photo frames and trays.  In addition to wood items he turns acrylic into designer pens, wine bottle opener/corks and scoops.  

Doug and Paula work together, she assist with sells, merchandising, and engraving creating templates for their custom designed pieces.  Recently the two collaborated to create a gorgeous memorial shadow box, a very special order for a very special soldier - 

A shadow box to display the "Freedom Award", American and Texas flags, along with certificates, finished with an engraving of the US Army Seal upon the Plexiglas front. Gorgeous. 

Wander by their website, Creations by Curly here and find your own treasure, or contact them by email to collaborate on a custom piece of your own.   Our memorial flag case will be a cherished heirloom for our family in the coming years. A memorial to man who fought for our freedom –

Wishing you all a enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.

Until next time –


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