It began with a rug.... 

The cottage living room has been evolving over the past few months.  Honestly, when we first moved I didn't know what to do with it.  The voluminous long living room enveloped all of our furniture from our Galveston cottage. It was incredible. Our small scale pieces that fit perfectly into our turn of the century "storm survivor",  were painfully inadequate for the space.  We began to shop and add pieces; two chests, along with a petite French table,  from The Corner Shop here in Corsicana joined the living room. What I needed most was a rug.  After months of searching for an affordable 11 X 14 rug, I happened upon one at EBTH, Everything But The House an estate sale online auction house.  One night late as I wandered upon the web, the hand knotted wool rug with a damask pattern... peaked my interest.  I adore Damask, it may be a fetish.  


The excitement of bidding on the rug was nearly overwhelming, there was competition. As we bid against one another, the price continued to climb again, and again... it was stressful, until finally I won!  The next morning I awoke to severe doubt  - what was I thinking?  It took 6 long, painful weeks for the rug to arrive via courier, dropped upon on the curb, folded into a huge bundle. (thank you COVID)  Luckily,  Jr. wrestled it into the house.  

We rolled the rug out and it was as described; all wool in rust, olive, teal and gold.  While I had been looking for color, it didn't make my heart sing.  I was nervous. I thought I'll give it time, I can be reasonable, rational - occasionally. 

I have a quirky little habit of flipping hand knotted wool rugs over backside up. I love the texture the knotting provides, paired with the mat feel.  Jr. and I flipped it. 

The knotted side had richer more jewel tone colors; richer rusty red paired with olive, caramel and cream.  Still uncertain I must admit it's flipped a few times. Yes, I know for a few days when I called "Jr." it was met with a heavy sigh, followed with "Seriously?".  

When you add an element to a space that has a large impact, it usually leads to a string of changes. I shuffled the furniture swapping the daybed and settee.  Then added the tall candlesticks lamps Mr. GDC created from antique floor candlesticks years ago.  Temporarily I rested the lamps atop the small modular tables that wander about the living room. We need proper end tables, for now I like the lamps flanking the canvas. 

The daybed seat cushion previously covered in charcoal velvet looked flat against the rich warm colors of the rug.  I chose to a sew a simple linen blend slip cover, then applying raw silk ribbon ties along the front edge for closure.  My intent was a casual feel, adding interest between the texture of linen and the raw silk ribbon.  Once the seat cushion cover was complete, I  realized new pillow covers were needed.  

The first pillow, an oversized 34" square sewn from a gorgeous heavy cotton damask purchased at Beautiful Fabrics online store, surrounded with a chenille loop brush fringe provided texture. I stuffed it with soft down.  I like the way the fabric repeats the damask pattern in the rug. I happened upon the Greek Key pillow at a Dallas furniture store, adopted it and really like the hint of modern edge it provides. 

Across the living room ceiling we have funky little square recessed downlights doting the coffers.  I have planned a relocation of the French lanterns from the sunroom/bedroom to the dining area for some time now.  Seizing the moment - 

First we removed the two square recessed fixtures. Then we needed a "medallion" to cover the hole in the ceiling. We fashioned one from plywood, cutting a 16" square, mounting the electrical box in the center, then mounting that to the ceiling. Finally we trimmed the raw edge with 1/4" molding to finish it off, a little putty, sanding, paint and lanterns - 

The saga continues.... I've been less than thrilled with the leather recliner Mr. GDC calls "home". This past year brought two knee replacement surgeries for him.  After spending a great deal of time in the recliner he decided to let it go. I tried desperately to hide my excitement.  We began searching for a pair of chairs that would suite both our needs.  It was turbulent.... finally during a shopping trip to Dallas and the tenth, twelfth furniture store we found a Sherrill, swivel chair, dressed in linen and sporting down cushions.  Be still my heart - 


The chairs have a high 40" back to support our pointed little heads, sweeping arms that give a cuddle, and they swivel  - perfect.  Our television dwells in the antique armoire at the end of the room. Swiveling we can watch television, or twist around to face the conversation area.  They were out of stock. We had to wait a few weeks before we could fetch them. It was painful. But then - 

Are you keeping up?  It's been a string of changes in our living room -  furniture and accessories travelling about, new cushion covers, new swivel chairs, new fireplace screen, "new" fireplace tools, the great lantern relocation...

The search is on for proper settee side tables... There is yet another scheme brewing, I wish to remove the window behind the dining table and add a French door(s). The addition would bring a great deal of light into the living room, and be stunning to open the front door, gaze through the room to the back garden.  I've got to catch a contractor, everyone seems to be updating these days! I'm on a list, attempting to be patient.  Unfortunately, I'm not smitten with the rug and fear it knows it. There may be another in our future. I'm also considering slip covers for the ends of the daybed, possible a coat of paint on the dining table -  I'm never  "finished" with a room, there will always be something changing around the cottage, after all this string of changes began late one night perusing the internet, happening upon a rug -

Until next time, wishing you all the best - 


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  2. I love everything you've done. I, too, need a rug for my living room. Ordering online is too stressful simply because what if the colors aren't as they show. Going into a much larger city is stressful, too. This COVID has just been awful. Looking forward to more posts.


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