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This has been an interesting year.  When it came time to decorate for Christmas, I must admit my heart wasn't in it. While "decking the halls" has been a great distraction and return to something familiar for so many, in this year full of oddities - I struggled with "Do we have to?"  

2020 has been raging at the cottage; if not one thing its the plumbing,  a fireplace chimney cap that failed - you could literally sit on the settee and watch it rain down the chimney. Orange Home Depot buckets are the reoccurring focal point of the living room. I have a new verse to a Christmas classic; "All I want for Christmas is a new chimney cap, a new chimney cap..." It's been a year to remember, or perhaps forget as we update the cottage one piece at a time.  Either way the fellas won, the tree is up, the wreaths are dangling from plaid ribbons in the windows - well some of the windows -  

Christmas cheer was kept simple this year to create a charming cottage festive atmosphere. Natural elements of branches from the Crepe Myrtle trees in the garden, along with pine cones and poinsettia, paired with plaid ribbon were incorporated throughout for a touch of country charm.  A classic color pallet of red, gold, silver and green ornaments create a nostalgic Christmas Style.  The continuity of repeating the same elements throughout the space prevents it from becoming too busy or overwhelming. 

Growing up Christmas ribbon candy had a prominent place at my Grandmother's home, displayed upon a ceramic Santa tray.  The white edged in green is my favorite, it taste like Key Lime Pie! Happening upon a box at local store brought back many happy memories. I couldn't resist bringing the box home. That ceramic tray is one of the few things I have of my Grandmother's - looks just like Mom's.... 


Greenery, twigs, and red plaid ribbon adorn the French lanterns above the dining table. 

A pair of 4' tall pencil style Christmas trees wrapped in white twinkle lights sit atop each of the English chest in the dining room, flanking the wide window behind the dining table, pulling your eye across the room.  

The view from behind the dining table looking toward the front door. 

The fireplace with a faux 30" wreath adorned with red and green ornaments and red plaid ribbon. 

View of the dining space and fireplace from the kitchen. 

Our 7' narrow frame tree, filled with greenery and twigs is set in a tall basket to give it more natural woodsy look.  Shades of red, green, gold and silver ornaments paired with red plaid ribbon weave throughout the tree, a few blown glass icicles, beautiful hand painted extra large ornaments and a shining filigree silver star crowning the tree create a nostalgic design.  

A combination of glass, glitter, also mercury ornaments in varying color and sizes provide interest. 

As 2020 nears an end I'm finding myself reflecting upon the year. While it has been full of challenges and social distancing, we have returned to the simple pleasures; family, close friends, cooking, gardening, sewing, being challenged by a jigsaw puzzle. This unusual year caused us to press the pause button and reevaluate. We've been pushed to our creative edge with how to problem solve. We absolutely adore this cottage. I believe that fate brought us here, so we could put her back together a once piece at a time, as we preserve her historical elements for the future.    

This holiday season I wish you joy in the simple pleasures, family and good health.  Looking forward to 2021 I am full of hope. 

Until next time, wishing you and yours a happy holiday season - 


  1. Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas! The challenges of this year that affected all of us collectively have been bad enough. But then you pile on the individual challenges - it just adds insult to injury. In our case our beautifully secluded neighborhood got destroyed by a tornado. Then my husband has the devastating diagnosis of dementia. Two of our neighbors have been diagnosed with cancer. It just all seems to be too much. But the reason for the season will pull us thru. There has been very little decorating in my house -- I just don't see the need but that makes me enjoy yours all that much more. I truly enjoy seeing the changes you've made to the cottage. Looking forward to the French doors in your dining area. I really think you will love them.

    1. Claire,

      Thank you for your kind words and bit of perspective. I have unsuccessfully searched for words to offer after reading your comments. I cannot imagine how you must feel enduring the loss of your home and community, combined with your husband and friend's diagnosis. As you said, this is to much. I wish you the strength to carry on, resolution to move forward and hope for your husband, as well as your friends. Our time is very precious and moves past us too quickly, if I could gift you one thing it would be a perfect Christmas. Put your tree up Claire, there's something reassuring in carrying out tradition and twinkling lights, even if all the ornaments are new because the wind carried your treasured ones far away - next year instead of new they'll have memories too.

  2. I just read the niche re-do post. I really like both but freshening up a re-do is always fun. My daughter is re-doing a home on her own now. She says it's so much fun even when her vision turns out to be a mistake, she likes it because it was her idea, she did the work, and she learned from it. She knows she will do better when she does the re-do of the re-do.

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