Christmas Cheer 

It has been sometime since last I posted. The challenges of the past year have been great, for some more tragic and difficult than others. As many of you, we've helped what little we could, lent a hand when possible and welcomed another homeless kitty into the family. Olive takes joy lying on the sill in the warm sun of our cottage. The challenges and loss have taught me that there is still joy in simple pleasure, memories and tradition. In that spirit of tradition, allow me to share the cottage dressed this year in Christmas cheer - 

 As we look forward to a new year, our family wish you hope, faith, peace, the joy of simple pleasures and good health.

 Until next time - 


  1. So good to hear from you! Dove Grey Cottage is beautiful as always. I re-read your 2020 Christmas tour post and my comment. Yes, 2020 was a difficult year for pretty much everyone but 2021 came with its ' own challenges. After the clean up from the tornado and as work was being on our house, my husband passed away. Our contractor and his crew were wonderful. Everything was finished exactly as my husband wanted. I guess it was good that I had that prtoject to keep me busy but actually I just felt overwhelmned. I can only pray that 2022 will be better for everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    1. Claire, my heart breaks for you in the loss of your husband. Grief is such a personal journey, moving on without your special person sometimes feels impossible. Somehow you hold them in your heart and step forward. It must have been a "gift" in a way to have something to focus on, a shared goal to complete and seeing it just the way he envisioned. The past two years must have been devastating for you. My wish for you is comfort in your precious memories, the strength you need to takes those steps forward and the promise of hope for 2022 - he's with you, always.


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