Happy 2022

Happy 2022 !

I've been thinking about the new year and the tradition of making resolutions; "a firm decision to do or not to do something".  Resolution deriving from the word resolute; being admirable, determined or steadfast.  The tradition of resolutions at the beginning of the new year isn't something I usually participate in.  I strive to do the best I can everyday. Often of course I fail; impatient, irritable, frustrated or occasionally judgmental.  I tend to consider that the inability to succeed everyday is simply the result of imperfection. That imperfection is part of my personal evolution.

I wondered if I had the opportunity to be granted one wish what would it be? Perhaps my wish would be personal, or more likely worldly; peace, plenty of whatever was lacking or maybe the gift of  knowledge.  Quietly it came to me - grace. Because grace is kindness, politeness, the lack of judgement, it is compassion, acceptance and consideration for others.  If we as individuals, societies and countries could practice a bit more grace, then maybe there would be more unity and solace.  Grace might allow us to recognize our similarities, rather than our differences and provide us the capacity to accept.  

Happy 2022, I wish you grace in the hope it fills your heart with contentment, happiness and love -


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