Spring and a Special Delivery

Spring rains brought May flowers to the cottage -

A white panel van with purple and orange letters safely delivered a pair of David Austin Munstead Wood rose bushes to our front gate.

Be still my heart, I couldn't be more excited. Wrapped in plastic their moist bare roots were ready to be planted. I had waited months, ordering the roses last summer. 

We thoughtfully chose a place in the courtyard, followed the directions, installed a drip line. It didn't look like much. I welcomed them to Texas and promised they would be happy here at our cottage. We waited.... daily wandering out to visit and offer words of encouragement.  

The days that followed they began to grow. Finally, dark green foliage was punctuated with deep wine buds that slowly opened flat.

 The blooms boasting rows of delicate, ruffled petals.  The young bushes have not disappointed. We can hardly wait to see how they mature. 

The front garden is growing well, a variety of lilies encase the whiskey barrel where Gnash greets guest to our cottage.  Day Lily in peach, coral and dark red are paired with a new addition, eggplant Asian Lily that are almost ready to open.  

Coral and red knockout roses surround the birdbath.  The corners of the courtyard feature gardenia topiaries.  Evergreen they provide architecture and color in the winter, beautiful white fragrant flowers in the Spring and Summer. It is a lovely place to sit and visit with neighbors. 

A combination of evergreen shrubs paired with flowers create a balanced planting to add interest to the cottage throughout the year. The landscape plan is beginning to take shape; boxwood, lily, lambs ear, gardenia, crepe myrtle and of course roses - 

The rain and the wind have been frequent and strong. We placed some bricks in the gardenia pots until they are rooted in. 

Coral Knockout

Red Drift roses in seasoned clay pots flank the front door.

I'm suddenly smitten with roses.... there is another David Austin due to arrive soon, Wollerton Old Hall an apricot climber I hope will grace the cottage fa├žade soon. With the addition of English roses, we may need to throw a garden tea party! I think the squirrels would attend - 

We live on a corner, many people walk their dogs throughout our little town.  We have a lot of space to create gardens and experiment. 

Upon the corner we added a small concrete bench snuggling it with a pair of boxwoods, then a red Knockout Rose, along with a little bit of rosemary to invite walkers to stop and rest a while. 

I'm looking forward to when our plantings mature.  We are working on a plan for the back patio and foundation, brick wall plantings.  I don't believe a garden is ever finished.  Gardening is full of  research, planning, experimentation, it requires a great deal of patience, as well as determination - when the plants begin to grow, bloom, thrive, seeds of romance sprout in the gardener's heart, that is when you know you've fallen for the magic of gardening.   

Until next time, wishing you all the best - 


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